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I began playing guitar at the age of 9, and playing became more focused by the age of 11. I played gigs and dances throughout high school, the biggest of which was a student council conference when I was in tenth grade. I was the entertainment segment, performing for nearly 400 kids. Even at that time, I was playing everything from Harry Chapin and Five Man Electric Band to Ugly Kid Joe, Nirvana and a few original tunes.

The bands came a bit later on in life. I played with Djava, Sweet Jane and the Djam, One Hot Cup, China Phrog, Horton Curtis Project, Narcotic Lollipop, Little Dirty Goat and a bunch of variations consisting of one or more members of different projects. I was a member of Chautauqua Area Musician Program’s “Fantasy Rockstar League” – a band formed through the process of online public voting to pick the county’s best. Winning members were voted into positions in the band: lead vocalist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass player and drummer. I was voted into the project as the county’s best lead guitarist in 2005. We practiced a few times, wrote a couple of new songs and learned a number of others. Over Labor Day weekend of that year, we played our set on the floating stage in Bemus Point to close the summer season.

Over the last 11 years, I’ve done mostly solo work, shows and recording solo albums.

All shows are fun to play. It’s such an outlet, physically and emotionally. Some of the most memorable shows were: in “Djava”, playing with the 10,000 Maniacs at the Library Theater in Warren, PA., the Great Blue Heron Music Festival and gigs at many local venues over the years; in “Sweet Jane and the Djam”, sharing the stage with Koko Taylor-Queen of the Blues, as well as a number of other shows at the Reg Lenna Civic Center. In other projects I played at The Rusty Nail, Snuffy’s in Warren and a laundry list of other places. I’ve played many solo acoustic shows, most memorably with The Door’s Tribute Band and Unplugged Over Chautauqua at the Reg Lenna. So many shows, so many cool memories!

In short, I love playing music, sharing music and teaching the many fun aspects of playing guitar.


Jamie is available for shows in the Western New York  and North Western Pennsylvania area. Click here to contact Jamie about scheduling a show!